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Welcome to the Deer Trophy Farm's website!

The forest-rich area and good climatic conditions of County Somogy are thought to be perfect habitat for the red and fallow deer. According to old Hungarian annals, red deer have been lived in Somogy for over 4000 years. Hunters and forest-rangers in the county have cared for deer as long as anyone can remember.

Our red deer farm is fortunate to be able to build on this heritage.

Deer Trophy's motto "Genetics - Selection - Evolution" is the term that best describes our vocation. In the current project we aim to analyse and maintain genetic diversity in red deer at the Deer Trophy Farm Hungary to keep this heritage alive. Deer Trophy Farm is one of the youngest red deer farm in Hungary.

Deer Trophy Farm - Hungary - Red deer for saleIn our breeding program we are going to use modern breeding value estimation for antler and growth parameters of red deer. Using modern biotechnical methods we are planning to analyze and compare different population of red deer is living in the Carpathian basin.

The Deer Trophy Farm is continuously selling stags, hind and calves and using new genetics in its breeding program.


Special thanks to:

  • Our parents,
  • János Nagy (KE-EC - Deer Farm),
  • Don, Anne and Kelly Bennett - New-Zealand,
  • László Torma,
  • János Karhesz.

Supports by the country:

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    • "Fiatal mezogazdasági termelok számára nyújtandó támogatás"
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